Thursday, 25 May 2017

Letter from a Former Skeptic and Atheist

"Dear Mr Sheridan,

I have been an atheist and skeptic all my 54 yrs. Never indoctrinated by my parents and never went back to Sunday school after the minister slapped my face for "mocking Jesus and asking too many questions". Age7! 

However not believing in the Abrahamic god (infantile psychopath, smiting people left right and centre for his own fuckups) does not mean I can't think. With the destruction and inevitable collapse of western "civilisation" speeding up, I can feel evil at work. 

At a drunken teen party back in the 70's someone brought out the Ouija board.What has stuck in my mind is someone asking for the name of the spirit and the letters Z..O being spelled out. Someone laughed and the shot glass we were using as a planchette flew off the table and smashed. Party over!

Now while trawling the net, I came across some Ouija board vids. Well I guess you know what I found. Endless vids with this same demon spelling out its name. WTF? How would they get the same name? I have never mentioned it ever before. I am now convinced of the "supernatural". 

Didn't make me run to god but convinced me to study and investigate. Being a fellow Celt (Scot) you know we also have megaliths and barrows and "haunted" forests etc and I FEEL something electric in such places. I have also studied AH and the Third Reich all my life, trying to figure out how and why, and after hundreds of books I couldn't get the why? I bought the Lamb Lash book on your recommendation and it is wonderful, so wanting to support your work I ordered Walpurgis Night and The Druid Code. Just finished the first and now feel I have an idea of the how and why. 

You have taught a skeptic to go with his intuition, I love your work. Good luck and stay safe."