Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Conspiracy Theory Exists, Because Investigative Journalism is Dead

Excellent video by my friend Kai Bowman in England. 

People such as myself and Kai are the way we are because there are no serious hardcore, old-fashioned investigative journalists in mainstream media any more. All we have these days are Orwellian, Ministry of Information-style Government, Corporate and University Press Release copy-and-pasters working in the mainstream media

The rare number of journalists who are trying to look into the deep mud of the Psychopathic Control Grid and who do manage to pull out a serious in-depth investigation into the insanity of our leadership, they will then encounter a firewall of editors and sub-editors to shut them down or spin the story off into a neutered cull-de-sac of irrelevance. If by some chance a newspaper does run a story which is diving deep into the murky waters of Globalisation and the Consensus Establishment, then another army of Dawkins and Mythbusters weaned 'skeptics' will scream "Conspiracy Theory!" as a kind of psychic-reflex action without even examining the story.

This entire media and corporate failsafe system of mainstream journalism not doing their jobs the way they should, provides the womb in which people such as myself and Kai are gestated. You in the mass media, corporate boardrooms, university tenure-ships and government press offices fathered us. We are your feral bastards, because you neglected our needs.

Documentary below on Sex Trafficking in White House which nearly made it to broadcast and was which pulled at the last minute. Watch it and then you decide if the existence of Conspiracy Theorists are valid or not.