Monday, 29 September 2014

Newspapers: Oracles of Insanity Cloaked as Necessary Tidings

Yesterday, and for the first time in years, I sat down and read from cover to cover a selection of Irish mainstream newspapers. I never fully understood how alien and insane 'normal' Irish life has become to me until now, nor, what absolute slaves most Irish people have become to this nonsense. I am sure every other Western society is a similar reflection of this 'normalised' insanity in a world were mass media and politicians have never been more sympathetic to one another's pointless existence.

Every single 'news' story revolved around Government intervention and political solutions as if politicians are some kind of gods who can bequeath favours if we beg them hard enough. I mean everything, from the economy, apartment rents, to the arts to the music industry. How will our politicians repair all this stuff! Like asking a fish to build a bird's nest. 

Finally, I get to the letter's pages and you could literally smell the booze off these self impressed letter writers who no doubt clip out their published narcissistic waffling and frame it for posterity. One letter even spoke of how the British Empire was an 'Empire of Love' and how all the former colonies have deep affection for the 'Motherland'. Others were 'serious' proposals by an impressive array of flatulent gobshites advising our politicians on how to solve some imaginary problem. 

More than anything else, the sheer toxic and unhealthy nature of the 'journalists' themselves, with their 'I am a power broker' serious posed photo, as if these press release re-formatters ever had a single original opinion of their own. One of them warning that ISIS would attack Ireland and yet produced not a shred of evidence, nor any form of investigative reporting as to why ISIS gives a fuck about this damp island controlled by Bookies, Publicans and Property Developers. 

If you want a real insight into how insane what passes for 'normality' is, then read a mainstream newspaper. Oh, and something called George Clooney - of the Council on Foreign Relations and who also dabbles in acting on the side - is getting married, it says so on a full page article.