Friday, 3 April 2015

An Orc-hestra Out of Tune

Something profound happened to both myself and some of the people in my life this week. What happened was both seismic and strangely, silent. Well, silent in terms of no great drama or astounding external revelation unfolded. It was internal; that place were all the greatest truths are unleashed. From within, unfolding and synchronistic and perhaps even mystic.  

Others reported it too. It was simple, we acknowledged imperfections and mistakes. Both in ourselves and others and we were fine with it. We didn't care to make radical changes, or seek them in others. We understood that the imperfections and mistakes were meant to happen. We looked at the Orcs in our midst, and we did nothing more than acknowledge their existence. That's all that was required. 

Tolkien's Orcs were the direct product of the psychopathic overlords who made 'slaves' and then self-perpetuating victims of both themselves and others. This idea is very much aligned with Jung's 'Shadow' created by the repressed darkness of humans seeking to achieve perfection without reflection. Orcs are made Orcs by more powerful or dogmatic leaders, and this is why they feel powerless and tormented into attacking or joining personal and vicious witch hunts against others.

It can happen to any of us. We are men, and 'men are weak'. We fight it, we accept it, and we seek to tame the Goblin inside us. Some unfortunately choose to be permanently-entrenched Goblins and Orcs, as the intensity of their pathology excites them...for a while. Then what?
I want the self-made Orcs to be decent people again. I would not wish their chosen fate on my worst enemy. However, only they can change themselves and get the 'Truther' Toxins out of their psyche rather than looking for 'shills' and 'crypto Jews' to further entrench their dogma. To serve 'the boss' is to rob yourself. 

No one else can do it for them. Their co-dependency with 'Truther' videos and memes has made them this way to begin with. Dogma took it from there. We have people like Hillary Clinton with real power - delighting on TV at the news of a man being anally raped with a bayonet before having his throat cut - but Thomas Sheridan is the problem you must address as the cause of the problems in your world? Really now?
Enough of this bullshit.  
It's the overall plan that grabs, charges and excites me. I want creativity and even if the psychopaths run the world they are not going to take the sunrise from my eyes or the colours from my heart. 

We all must study, consider, ponder and continue on. Mistakes are the accidental bum notes in the music of life which creates glorious new symphonies. Playing out of tune in any Orc-hestra is merely the unacknowledged end time of Ragnarök within. I have said the same thing about the Psychopaths in Charge. We need them to be there in some ways, so we can evolve as a reaction to their business. We need the Orcs too. However, these Orcs don't even serve themselves. This is their greatest folly. Ultimately their own souls and joy are their only quarry.
I am very comfortable in the saga now as it stands. I am becoming in my outlook somewhat like how Odin accepted fate and fortune, I know Ragnarök will unleash Fenrir one day, but it is a righteous fate; destiny of destruction and rebirth. You, I, all of us must tame, but also tolerate the Loki within us. His deviousness sometimes occasionally produces good things by accident. Bum notes and mistakes which create accidental magic. We continue to refine/retune our own personal worlds before they end. But it will still be reborn.  
Something very special indeed happened to some of us this week. Something very special indeed.

Please read, listen and disseminate freely these two powerful pieces by my good friends Cari-Lee Miller and Niall Murphy:

The Truth Movement is Dead: Orcs and Their Addictions
by Cari-Lee

"I loved the complicated truths I was discovering in learning legalese.  Truthfully though it all became too much for me and I'm more of a writer/poet/homesteader/wild crafter/forager/canner than I am a legalese freedom fighter.
When we began to see this person's world for what it was, we began asking questions..."


Rim Job - Falling off the flat Earth and disappearing up our arses!
- Niall Murphy

"This episode starts with a comedy sketch involving falling off the flat Earth and being teleported to safety. No spoilers!

Other subjects include how Tolkein’s different subspecies in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings - namely the Elves, Men, Wizards, Dwarves and Hobbits - are an analogue for Carl Jung’s archetypes, and that maybe Tolkein and Jung were tapping into the same phenomena via different disciplines. He elaborates on Thomas Sheridan’s theory about how the Orcs represent the toxicity which has infected the alternative/truth movement, and compares this to Paul Levy’s Wetiko phenomenon."