Monday, 28 October 2013

The Purple Pill Cometh

People ask me why I am taking such a major interest in the Russell Brand/BBC Newsnight interview and especially the social, political and psychological aftereffects it has unleashed. They claim I am 'jealous' of Mr Brand (!!??!!). Giving him too much attention. Obsessed with him. They state this as they join new Facebook pages entitled Russell Brand for Prime Minister and share memes with Fabian Socialist platitudes on them, memes and statements they would have rejected only last week.

Some of the hatred directed against me has been staggering, as my basic criticism of this story robs them of their Dopamine rush, as they continue to see the Messiah on Tour as their main conduit of personal salvation. You know times are strange when you get called a 'conspiracy nutter' by people who believe the Royal Family are shape-shifting interdimensional iguanas because you took their Dopamine rush off them by pointing out that 'Our Russ' is not really what a revolutionary actually is. Besides, only Evolution changes things - Revolution just 'revolves' you back to where you started.

Aside from the fantastic hype, and watching the Cambridge Universities/SWP/Mi5/Activists Alliance monitor and gauge the reaction of the Truthers to the 'Messiah Tour' as they would lab rats. For me, this amazing and interesting last few days is not just about Russell Brand, he is just a part of the game plan - this is HUGE. Mark my words. In time, the full Pandora's Box of what they are up to at the top are up to will be revealed. 

Essentially the PTB are purposefully creating a rift or a Reformation/Civil War within the Alternative Movement. This serves many purposes, but the main one is to get people who have opted out 'back into the system' - have them voting for 'Socialist Egalitarian' candidates (in reality, traditional Left Wing Fabian Socialist parties such as Labour). Have them forget their anger at the system. Get them meditating, and not raging against the system, have them voting once more and all set for Agenda 21. Allow them their 'silly conspiracy theories'.

I can literally smell a massive plan behind the scenes unfolding, and causing a gigantic rift in the alternative movement is key to the success of the next stage of the 'Great Work of the Ages'. I am not the only one seeing this game plan either. A lot of people are rightly concerned at how big this BBC Newsnight spectacle got in such a short time. Not since Occupy has something  gone so viral, so fast.

The PTB got their civil war started within the Alternative Movement. The 'peace plan' which they will present us with in due course is what we really need to be concerned about. The Builderburg Fringe Festival which was a carefully orchestrated scientific experiment by the 'change agents' presented to us last Summer may well indicate their plans to deal with the growing anger at the system. Kill your concerns with entertainment and faux spirituality within a party atmosphere.

Ironically, as all this started, I was reading about the Irish Civil War of 1920-22 and how the same British-Israelite Establishment helped stoke that spilt - these incredibly powerful Fundamental Presbyterians were never going to give away the country which they believed was were the Tribe of Daniel (based on a misinterpretation of the Pagan 'Danu') ended up. The gave Ireland independence, and then created a division to get Ireland back into the fold under Crown Law. The divide and-conquer same tactics are being used to divide and return the Truthers back into the mainstream prison. This latest civil war is very interesting in that they are patronising the concept of conspiracy theories. Now you can indulge your favourite conspiracy theory without being socially or intellectually marginalised - AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. The recent Cambridge Universities/SWP/Mi5/Activists Alliance  press releases make that clear (see below). When you have doubts - you meditate them away.

I also predict Russell Brand supporters will start to massively begin pushing the Transcendental Meditation movement very soon. Basically a Hollywood mind control cult. The 'TRANCE' formation to target people angry at Governments/Corporations and to TRANCE-send their anger. Because once you 'empty your mind' of 'negative' thoughts - someone else can refill it...

They are moving the Russell Brand captured element of the Alternative Movement away from the Red Pill/Blue Pill options towards a BRAND new Purple Pill. As wicked and corrupt as the Psychopathic Control Grid is - there are times their deviousness is simply mind-blowing in its ability to play us all like a fiddle. Russell Brand is just a man. I bear him no personal ill-will. But he is a pawn in the most dangerous game. This Russell Brand media circus is the biggest thing to have happened in years in terms of my own research into the functioning of the 'change agents'. I knew it right away when it kicked off. They NEEDED something to hide the Jimmy Savile fiasco, and I was waiting for something. However, what we got was nothing less than a staggering insight into how public, social and political policy is formulated and developed. It's truly amazing what they have revealed indirectly thus far.

Don't believe the hype. Stand back and give due consideration to all you see and hear before the Purple Reign begins.


Thomas Sheridan is an independent alternative artist, author, satirist, musician, public speaker, broadcaster and researcher currently based in the West of Ireland. His illustrations have appeared on the covers of newsstand magazines, books and websites worldwide. 

The Anvil of the Psyche is considered a vital manual for personal and social survival in a world controlled by greed and false hopes. Thomas' writings and interviews have evolutionised people to build a firewall around their own psyche and not to be lured into handing over personal independence to an exterior collective or guru. As a result, his NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN philosophy applied to controlling individuals and groups has made Thomas an enemy of mind-controlled death cults and neo-Nazi fringe groups.  Thomas has also been featured in several films and documentaries. 

Are conspiracy theories destroying democracy?


  1. Very well put together that mate Thankyou Tom id not seen in perspective till reading that ..... talking about change agents i think Mr low vibration of fear david icke is one of the most dangerous assholes the PTB have spewed at us in two decades .... also really dont know what to make of Brian Gerrish and the uk column ? hes bloody usefull to either side .... i think its best to err on the side of dont trust ...............

    1. "...david icke is one of the most dangerous assholes the PTB have spewed at us in two decades".
      Then you clearly aren't very aware of what is actually going on.

      Some of Ickes data-points' are very questionable, but he is nowhere near as suspect as characters like Alex Jones for instance.

      And a far as who is the most dangerous you might want to pay a little more attention to the people who are involved in actual terrorism on a huge scale; Israel, U.S., U.K. for instance and the Governments; France, Canada, Australia etc.) that are complicit and collaborating with them.

  2. What happened your radio show yesterday? I believe your show is compulsory listening for anyone interested in the REAL truth movement. Keep up the good work Thomas.

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  4. I took a holiday on Sunday Patrick and I have still to get the chance to make the show page and get the YT vids for previous show. I will be back on the air live this coming Sunday as per usual. Thanks,

  5. Heard your channeling segment, very funny! Reminded me of when I was taken along to the Spiritualist church in Wimbledon, the turn was an Eastend London bricklayer who became a German surgeon who was keen to heal members of the audience. All went well until a rather chunky lady approached his massage table and he bellowed "Von at a time!" at her.
    I believe he never got another gig as a master of "transfiguration" again hahaha..

  6. Sound as a bell m8:) It's important 2 chillax d kax as often as possible. Me, I listen to Eckhart Tolle on YT and I've become vegan lately which really clears the mind. Check out with Dr. Michael Greger ( ) and you'll go vegan as well m8. I promise you won't look back.

  7. This is a really good article intelligently outlining the actual issues, great job.

  8. Well said. People just love a hero to look up to and hope will save them. Trust only yourself.

  9. Much respect to you Thomas for staying strong and holding your ground after all the venom being pushed your way. Not surprised you needed a wee holiday! This latest article sums-up beautifully what you've been trying to say over the last few days. I've sensed a civil war coming within the Alternative Media for a while now, and the Brand/BBC interview was a clear catalyst. I understood your anger from the start. Only wished I'd commented sooner. Keep up the good work - your voice is very important right now!

    1. Just to add to my comment, I wanted to highlight the good work have been doing on this RB/socialism theme. Well worth a look and compliments this site. Also check out Mark Passio - New Age Bullshit And The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine for an idea of where Brand and David Icke (unwittingly or not) would take us given half a chance. John

  10. don't loose heart Thomas .my wife intuition tells her that OUR RUSS is not to be trusted he gives her the creeps your observation and analysis is sound your irrevence and sense of humour bamboozles the huxters

  11. Just heard from Tom Secker on his potcast that you have been attacked by RB followers and I tell you Thomas don't be put down by those people. you are wise clear seeing man and you are spot on about this David icke's friend nonsense .
    In my subjective opinion it is slowly be coming some kind of religion , believe what I say don't ask questions religion.
    Maybe soon will be a time when we people will have to wake up from RB and his friends "awakening"

  12. The establishment being up to no good is nothing new but I don't think Russell is in any way working for them. And revolution or evolution won't do much without change in the conscious.

  13. Rule number 1
    Listen to all follow none.

  14. I heard your Red Ice interview and I respectfully disagree with your take on the "Brand" issue. It's like we watched two different broadcasts. I dig your stuff, but I hardly think this celebrity is the embedded sleeper agent you imply. His general points seemed to encourage others to opt out of our status quo. Now if you want to take abstractions like "socialism" and demonize all those who hold to such tenets, that is another issue. Whether one believed capitalism is a sacred cow, and our current mafia form of it prevailing today is but a deformity of market principles, fine. But there are others who believe the accumulation of capital will always evolve or tend to collusion and thus become a monster as is the current paradigm. My issue is that socialism is a wide moniker, and not merely a covert tool used by the oligarchy running the world. Thus false assumptions enter into such a debate because we all have certain predispositions and unacknowledged assumptions about these political abstractions. One could revel in the fact that a celebrity is expressing what everyone is thinking, gaining exposure into our world of lies. Perhaps off the cuff Brand msy not espouse perfect antidotes, but his key message was that we should all be outraged and opt out of an illegitimate polity running the world into ruin. Anyone here disagree? Fabian socialists are a dirty word, apparently, but Bertrand Russell was an intellectual giant who was among the first to reject the Warren Commission on JFK.
    More review of Brand is needed; but such a vigorous attack on one of the few celebrities that speaks truth to power is a good thing, even if he doesn't prescribe each of our personal agendas.

  15. I was gratified to see that the Corbett Report and Tom Secker both supported Thomas on this Brand nonsense.

  16. Listening to your interview on redice gave me the creeps as it implicates sth what is lingering in the back of my head as well as in my guts since a while. David Icke than seems to be the also a water down factor, either knowingly or unknowingly i couldn t tell. But with references to websites like Alternet and a constant debate about the need of money which seems weird considered the amount of adsense clicks and newsletter subscriber, not to talk about book sale, DVDs, merchandise, presentations, donations etc.That guy does make less sense than ever to me. If he doesn´t know about useful steps to take the system down then who? Imagine the impact of him proposing to stop paying taxes, or to flood the officials with letters prepared in advance or or or. So why doesn´t that happen? Or do i miss a point?

  17. Dear Thomas,
    Thanks for your great blog, i have started listening to your radio show via youtube (velocity of now) and really like it. I came across you from randomly being on red ice creations website and i listened to the purple pill interview. For a short time i was captivated by brand, info wars, david ick, i was believing the hype. But now i know better. Your absolutely right mate. I started clocking on to this false spirital revolution when brand went on info wars, i thought maybe it was for publicity, but why would he need more publicity. I conclude that it's because they are tricksters, some people call them gate keepers, i never used to agree with that sentiment up until now, they are totally gate keepers of something.

  18. Your conclussion is correct: people should not jump in but assess for themselves. However you assume that because Brands message can be misinterpreted and twisted for other aims (agenda 21) that this was his intention.

    Having researched Brand with an open mind I've found irrefutable evidence that he is being sincere. He does not call to support global governance but rather for us to take heed that the system doesn't work in the peoples interests AND for us to work out a better way/s grounded in higher spiritual principles.

    Don't shoot the messenger but feel free to critique the message.

  19. It is quite right that you are interested in Russell Brand due to the plot that is in progress.

    Russell Brand is, and always will be, part of the establishment. He is currently screwing Jemima Khan who is the half-sister of Princess Diana. Her family is heavily linked to the Rothschilds and their ilk.

    What is being put forward now with his actions is very simple:

    Fake revolutionary akin to the undercover police being paid to infiltrate non-violent protest / activist movements, and try to push them to do incriminating acts in order to arrest protesters / activists en masse.

    Tactic: garner trust within the target population and use this in order to identify key people within that population who could possibly pose a threat as potential leaders of the working class / impoverished masses.

    Co-opt the landscape of protest / disaffection with the status quo and lead it down the path that your handlers require.

    So, logically speaking an actor is paid to play his part. He is fed lines that will move people to action or experience emotions. But he is still just an actor.

    His handlers would like to keep things as they are because right now no one poses a threat to the capitalist system. No one is forming a vanguard party to overthrow capitalism and replace it with a workers state. This is because the consciousness of the current generation is abysmal. Far too easily fooled. When you don't even know what class you are part of then you are in big trouble.

    They know what class they are part of: the capitalist class. They are tireless supporters of the reign of capital. They will do anything to further the reign of capital. Money itself is not important to the capitalist. Capital is what is important. It is important for them that you do not know this simple fact.

    Unless it is seen that we live as part of the class struggle every day between labour and capital, working class and capitalists, then we are blind.

    The reason why endless amounts of capitalist propaganda is circulated in the media, films, schools, everywhere in capitalist societies, that castigates communism and the 'evil Lenin and Trotsky and Stalin and Mao' etc etc is because they do not want you to believe that there is an alternative to capitalism.

    Until you realise that, you will be fooled every single time.

    Russell Brand is as revolutionary as Henry Kissinger. He is the latest spokesperson for the capitalist class.

    The only question you need to answer for yourself is so simple: if you are so upset with the current system then what do you replace it with?

    There are only two answers to that question:

    1. Keep the capitalist system - but you can always tweak it a bit here and there, pressure the government etc etc but it will always be based on capital vs labour, whose ultimate goals are diametrically opposed.

    2. Overthrow the capitalist system and replace it with a worker's state.

    That's it folks. History has proven this.

    There is no third way. Anarchists side with one system or the other. They cannot create their own state because their historic allegiance is with the middle class and the middle class is not historically able to exist alone without the working class or the capitalist class.



  20. With you on this Thomas. Great work brother. Go easy

  21. Thomas is spot on. They've been studying us for the last 2 years and it seems sort of decision has been made about how to proceed. The LSE has what's called the "Subterranean Politics" project, headed by Prof. Mary Kaldor which is in charge of collating and analysing the data from the official investigations into the activists. This is the Subterranean Politics website:

    On the 'News & Links' section there's a Youtube clip of Prof Kaldor's talk in Dublin at the IIEA back in July, and I'd encourage people to watch it. (Here's the direct link: She outlines the conclusions reached from the last 2 years of studying the Occupy & Anti-Austerity movements around Europe and her conclusions give us some idea about how a "purple pill" might be designed:

    Key issues are (1) shocking levels of distrust of the Establishment all over Europe (2) with this has gone the 'Permissive Consensus'; i.e. the trust that politicians used to exploit in selling out their countries to the EU (3) therefore there's a need to uncover a new political basis for the EU (4) the Austerity & Occupy, Pirate Party etc movements 'bubbled' up into the mainstream awareness in 2012 (5) These movements were fundamentally about 'politics', not just 'issues' (6) These activist people have lost faith in 'representative democracy' and are drawn to imagining new 'processes' of participation in civil society (7) Social Media and online behaviour are offering a new culture of being politically engaged in a leaderless community way (8) for most of the these activists the EU and its institutions were not even on the radar (except where there was an anti Troika basis like Greece) which the LSE found disappointing.

    From all this she concludes that: (1) There has been a collapse in the legitimacy of Nation states due to external globalisation and stagnation of internal political processes (2) There is a need to find out where new sources of political legitimacy can be derived from? (3) The EU needs a new narrative if it is to offer that new sense of political legitimacy to the disaffected youth (4) To do this it needs to seen as protecting people on a local level from the effects of globalisation by being a 'model of what global governance could be' rather than aiming to just be another Superstate.

    Taking all this on board in light of the Brand psy-op, what can expect? Thomas has suggested a new left wing party/movement and I'd say he's right. Recently, Labour war cretins have been told to go around admitting they got it wrong on immigration (see Plunket, Straw et al). This u-turn sends signals of a change in strategy on communicating about Europe: Immigration is the UKIP anti-EU issue, and obviously by publicly conceding on this issue from the Left it opens up space for a new UKIP-shadow to emerge from the Left; (presumably that would offer an alternative explanation and solution to immigration, but in line with grassroots "Subterranean Politics" of activists - perhaps giving more EU controlled Regional powers will help...) Right now though, the important thing about the admission is that it is symbolic. It plants a seed. No doubt something else will be along soon to help it germinate...

    1. Hi Thomas, you mentioned on the radio about someone sniffin round from the LSE, so if that was about my post above^^, I just want to clarify that I've nothing to do with the LSE (!) and never meant to give that impression. I found out about the "Subterranean Politics" programme by pure chance scrolling thru the IIEA channel on youtube and when I looked into it it backed up 100% what you had said about shills in the activist movement studying us. Prof Kaldor blatantly admits it!! It was proof straight from the horse's mouth, and that was my main reason for joining in the discussion. Didn't mean to come across as a shill myself! :/

      Sorry for any confusion,

  22. Mr. Sheridans
    excellent interview on Red Ice Radio!
    very, very true what you said. I understand perfectly what you conveyed in that exceptional interview with Henrik.

    can you please give me more information on person who said
    "what makes this movement so dangerous is that none of us are in the collective"
    I tried goggling it it but could not find who proclaimed that very powerful statement..

    thank you
    zoran v.

  23. Good analysis, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
    Meditation is a profoundly worthwhile tool for us in our sojourn in this bizarre world.

    I completely agree however that people need to be extremely savvy and never, never underestimate the devious techniques these old families of power grubbing freaks will implement to ensure that they hold on to their gold stockpiles and the means of servicing their unquenchable appetite for mindkontrolled sex slaves.

    We need to get to the point where we're dragging these people out of their mansions to be held accountable for their unfathomable crimes against humanity, hopefully with the help of non-corrupt police and military by our side.

  24. don't let these EVIL SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER SCUM fool you,they are losing humanity will SURVIVE


  26. I would like if i may, to comment for the first time Mr Sheridan as i have only just been linked your work. I would first like to say thank you, for i am i suppose what you would call an extreme follower of RB not because of some strange agenda but simply because i have followed his personal and media evolution for a long time and i have mostly laughed all the way. I will also add that when my brother who im sure holds great faith in your words linked me your site i instantly felt that....feeling you get when you want to defend someone you trust, even if it means ignoring the truth. I tell you this because as much as i hold great faith in Russell i also feel incredibly worried about where this road will take him. His agenda has always been selfish, he never lies about that and i believe it is part of his overall charm in that he makes mistakes openly and sometimes such as the BBC Radio show, disastrously. But he seems to remain congruent even when it makes him look bad, this is what i have seen and experienced personally. What i would like to say is simply this, i love to look at the alternative views on things as well, but i have noticed that no matter what a person may be talking about they always tend towards stating their argument so that it is to be believed as fact rather than an opinion. I say this only because it feels like you have all this intelligence which cannot be wholly proven and you seem to be searching for a manikin that the clothes will fit which in this case seems to be RB. I realise there is no over all truth but i honestly feel sadness in that you obviously yearn for transparency but as others have said before me you are looking at a man that seems to be using the fame he has achieved to open people eyes to a different way of living and thinking. Although i agree this may also encompass negative potential, especially in a man so flawed by vices but i do not agree with your negative conclusions on why he does what he does and who are behind him pulling his strings. I look forward to future opinions and ask that you keep an open mind and i shall do the same.

  27. An excellently written article.

    Since the push in the media, the NHS and the therapeutic counselling world towards selling Mindfulness through workshops, training, books, courses, etc, I have given up up meditation and put my time and energy into something else. Meditation can do no harm, that is for sure, but to incorporate it into a daily life of working 3 jobs over 100 hours a week for £2.50 (I exaggerate but you catch my drift) only to be sold the idea that it is `good' mitigate any personal resistance to super-unnatural conditions, amounts to... something anti-sentient.

  28. TM a mind control cult,really?! Meditation has been used for millennia as a way of getting behind or underneath the mind to the source of all thought and creativity - your source not the CIA's source or some other nefarious entity. Trust me this world would be a very different place if more people, much more, took just half an hour a day to dip into the ocean of their own being. Check out the Maharishi effect, a well documented phenomenon of how large groups of people meditating together can affect the local crime rate in an area or just try meditating for yourself and then see if your "mind control" statement is true. Always try before you buy

  29. Once you know he used mind control on Katy Perry, flashing "obey" messages, why would you listen to him?

  30. On May 22 2013, the day of the Lee Rigby attack, Russell left the country via Heathrow headed for L.A. accompanied by his Stylist Nicola Schuller. He received a tweet from a guy called @bragsboogie saying "@rustyrockets that girls ass you were with @Heathrow was amazing wow..have a good one". @Bragsboogie is the business partner in a media production company called @Fiaskomedia of @Boyadee the guy who's tweets broke the news of the Lee Rigby attack. Now to me that seems an amazing coincidence and I don't believe in coincidence but how else could this be explained?.

  31. All I am seeing is people being discredited left, right and center. It seems that everyone wants to rebel no matter what the cause. You're not happy with the world, so some people try to make a change. They are great until they become popular, then they start being discredited as well. To be honest I don't even know what to believe anymore. All this information, disinformation, disdisinformation, disdisdisdisinformation. What a load of bull. Is there anyone who you guys DO trust?! If not then just shut up and please yourself.

  32. transcendental meditation is not a mind control, it is a wa of escaping mind control....have a go and see....