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Was Bon Scott Murdered?

On the 20th and 21st of August 1979 at Olympic Ballroom in Dublin I attended my first live gigs by a visiting rock band from Australia named AC-DC. To say the gigs were electrifying, would be an understatement. They were absolutely wild. It was as if half the lunatics in Dublin were present in this small venue, and for a 15 year old it was an incredible experience. 

I had been introduced to AC-DC when I heard the live LP entitled If You Want Blood You Got It. I played the record constantly and I still regularly do to this day. The buzz coming off the open guitar jack on the stage before the opening power chords of Riff Raff has to be the dirtiest opening to a live recording ever. Just thinking about how that LP affected me as a kid still gives me goosebumps. Therefore, you can only imagine what it was like to see them play live a few months later with their singer Bon Scott carrying Angus Young (in his trademark schoolboy's uniform) on his shoulders through the crowd only inches from me and then playing on the edge of the balcony! The sheer rowdy and incredible fun of the whole two megawatt maelstrom nights blew me away.

Soon after the gig, the Highway to Hell album came out and it seemed as if the band were unstoppable. No matter if you were a Punk or Metal Head everyone seemed to love them and with the rise of the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) at the time, which was fusing Punk and Metal together, AC-DC could not have been in a better place at a better time for attaining world domination. Then one Saturday afternoon, I picked up a copy of SOUNDS newspaper at Easons on O'Connell Street and read that AC-DC's amazing singer Bon Scott was found dead in a car in London on the 19th of  February 1980. He was 33.

The following week I wrote an essay in school about him and my English Master called me an 'Amadan' which means 'Moron' in the Irish language.

To this day the details and events surrounding his death never made sense to me.

On the night of his death he reportedly fell asleep following a bout of heavy drinking with friends in a London venue known as the Music Machine. An individual reportedly named as Alistair Kinnear, drove Bon Scott back from the club to spend the night at his apartment in East Dulwich, South London. Kinnear claimed he could not move Scott from the car as he was too drunk and fast asleep. The temperature at the time was reported as -3 C and reports vary on if the car engine was running, or not to keep the heat on in the sub zero cold.

Many hours later on the following afternoon (and some even report late in the following evening), Kinnear finally discovered Scott dead in the car and called an ambulance. Upon arrival at King's College Hospital in Camberwell, Scott was pronounced dead. The medical report stated the cause of death was pulmonary aspiration of vomit. No trace of drugs were found. 

Yet other stories circulated in the music press that Bon Scott had died inside Alistair Kinnear's house as a result of choking on vomit while sleeping on a sofa. The coroner did not test for Carbon Monoxide poisoning. 

More interestingly, Alistair Kinnear was completely unknown to the rest of the AC-DC inner circle and many people who were friend's with Bon Scott claimed they never heard of this person and to date there is no hard proof Alistair Kinnear even existed. It is known that Kinnear vanished off the face of the earth a few days later, and his home in East Dulwich was ransacked by 'persons unknown'.

The paranoid side of me has long wondered if Bon Scott was 'removed' by certain elements in the music business (machine) who wanted a different singer fronting the group (we are dealing with an industry controlled by 'just business' psychopaths after all). Scott was too raw and intense for the massive commercial success the band were being primed for. A more traditional rock singer was needed to move the band into the charts and arenas?

Bon Scott was '33'

His previous band were call 'Fraternity'
His last visit was to the 'Music Machine'
His final album with AC-DC was entitled 'Highway to Hell'

Living easy, living free
Season ticket on a one-way ride
Asking nothing, leave me be
Taking everything in my stride
Don't need reason, don't need rhyme
Ain't nothing I would rather do
Going down, party time
My friends are gonna be there too
I'm on the highway to hell
No stop signs, speed limit
Nobody's gonna slow me down
Like a wheel, gonna spin it
Nobody's gonna mess me round
Hey Satan, payed my dues
Playing in a rocking band
Hey Momma, look at me
I'm on my way to the promised land
I'm on the highway to hell
(Don't stop me)
And I'm going down, all the way down

I'm on the highway to hell



  1. Interesting post Thomas, I'd forgotten about Scott's death. I never got to see AC/DC live but I was always astounded by the sheer dynamism of their recordings.
    I remember the Music Machine pretty well, Cauliflower John, the head doorman, helped me out with some doorstaff for the Rock Garden in Covent Garden in a time of need. It was also the film location for Breaking Glass. I once watched Mink DeVille play at the Music Machine when they came over from CBGB's in New York and somehow ended up walking through the West End with them, narrowly avoiding a beating by some of Bow St.nick's finest haha.
    A few years earlier, someone of Bon Scott's stature would have frequented the Speakeasy in Margaret St. as it was the place for music industry types to hang out. It closed down in the late 70's after it brought the attention of police during conflicts between punk rockers and the old guard of heavy rockers. When surveillance was carried out it was discovered that drugs were available on the premises by the suitcase.
    Funny how the old death at 33 crops up time and time again.

  2. Thanks for this Thomas! I still remember hearing about Bons death here in Canada on the bus ride home from school, exactly 1 week before my 15th birthday, I was devastated and almost 34 yrs later it still bothers me but for more sinister reasons, which unfortunately will likely never be known.
    The issue of Bons death that has always bothered me was how quickly Back In Black came out after his death, a few months to find a new singer, record and release a "tribute" and start a massive world tour...?
    Its my opinion that the vast majority (if not all) of the albums lyrics were penned by Bon, its painfully obvious how the song writing changed after BIB , no more catchy ditties about the ups and downs of a rock n roll singers life and observations, just repetitive nonsensical blathering on, even the basic structure and sound of the band changed .Indeed I feel the heart and soul of the band died that cold Feb day in 1980 with Bon.
    The ever present notebook that Bon carried with him was not found among his belongings in his ransacked flat, and even Bons mother was quoted as saying "those were Rons words" on BIB (she didn't call him Bon) , the Young brothers claim to have enclosed his lyric note book in his belongings returned to Australia which his mom said didn't happen.... I have discovered over the last 20 yrs or so that a lot of older fans of the Bon era AC-DC share my thoughts about Bons work being stolen , Brian got writing credits on BIB and the next few albums until the Youngs decided to take that over as well (he never wrote a song before AC_DC), not that either one of them can write decent lyrics! My feeling are that he was given the writing credits to keep his mouth shut..." sing this and keep your mouth shut" and you will become rich. When it became apparent that he was not a writer or musician( like Bon) the paranoid Youngs took away his writing credits. I has been speculated many times that Malcolm wanted to fire Brian in the late 80's early 90's, my guess is it didn't happen because Brian would spill the beans on the theft of Bons work. Even the record company brass in the US wanted Bon gone before the HTH album, he didn't live up to their "standards" somehow and they felt the band had more earning potential with a new lad up front. A lot of this background info as well as the list of unknowns surrounding Bon's death has really caused me to rethink his demise and question if his death was really a death by his own misadventure the very least the Young's are guilty of the theft of Bon's material and future royalty earnings from his family and a fraud on all of their fans ....if his death was not completely accidental then they are certainly involved in that to some degree as well....
    Thanks for bringing this up Thomas its nice to know I am not the only person who still remembers and still questions Bon's death! On a more positive note I take pleasure in the fact that when I saw AC-DC perform on their last tour about 50% of the song list were Bon era songs, pretty good for a guy that' had been gone for almost 30 yrs !!


    1. I done some digging, and come up with this, for those who don't know. Brian was hired in April 1980. They actually started recording in mid April and finished in May.

      Consider this ,The 1988 album Blow Up Your Video was the last AC/DC album to feature lyrics from Johnson. Starting with The Razors Edge in 1990, guitarists Angus and Malcolm Young have written all of AC/DC's material. When asked by a fan during a radio interview why he stopped contributing lyrics, he laughed, "I ran out of words" and went on to explain that during recording he didn't always enjoy the pressure of having to come up with an album's worth of lyrics and was relieved when the Young brothers filled in during The Razors Edge.

      Yet he did it in less than 6 weeks for B in B? He lyrics have never come close to matching those of B in B, and subsequent lyrics are in a very different style and amateurish and crude . I think they may well have continued to use Bon's lyrics until they had exhausted his ideas. Some of the tracks on FTATR and Flick of the switch may well be Bon's material. A quote from Angus on FTATR

      Angus Young explained to Kerrang magazine (reprinted in Mark Putterford's AC/DC bio Shock to the System), "We had this chorus riff, and we thought,'Well, this sounds rather deadly.' We were trying to find a good title...and there's this book from years ago about Roman gladiators called For Those About to Die We Salute You. Bon bought him that book!

      If you listen to Robert Ellis( the photographer ) interviews who was very close to the band, they are on YouTube. He mentioned asking the band retrospectively what they had intended to do In March 1980 and after , if Bon had not died. He was met with a wall of silence. He also said that there is much more to Bon's death then the official version of events.

      I have read other threads and websites on this subject. I common thread is The Youngs would never do that to Bon etc. Oh really? The Youngs are ruthless, a previous poster on this thread indicated the treatment of Dave Evans, Mark Evans, Phil Rudd amongst others . You can now add Brian Johnson to the list , .

      I was initially puzzled to what the motivation would be credit Brian for the lyrics, someone has already touched on this, the band's career could have gone either way. Bring out a new album written by Brian , and it may have well bombed along with the band. However the possibility they used Bon's stuff made the outcome a much safer bet, as history has proved. FTATR has a couple of good tracks, but much is poor and just filler. Imagine if Highway to hell had been followed up with Flick of the switch or Fly on the wall?

      Bon must have had several note books full of ideas and lyrics, and the rumour was they were taken from his flat after he died. It has also been reported they were returned to Bon's family, but I have read of no confirmation of this from Bon's family. We also have Anna Baba , Bon's last girlfriend, mentioning the use of the phrase Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution.

      An argument put forward by some say how could Bon write what would be interpreted as a tribute to him? If you look at the lyrics to the title track B in B, is that really a tribute song?

      It has been suggested it was originally called Back in the Black, the band had struggled for years and now they, as it proved hit the big time. The HWTH tour and album was very successful . Just put the thought in your head that its about finally making it, then read the lyrics. Is that idea really that unfeasible? Hells Bells is a stand alone track.

      I hope one day when some or all concerned have passed on( you can't libel the dead), the truth will come out and maybe we will find out exactly what went on.

  3. Mohammed: "Bored beyond belief!"

    Danny: "Who cares about AC/DC?! Come on!"

    Jimmy: "Some like that shit, dude."

    Jonny: "For some unknown reasons! Can't read the text. Just to look at the picture and boredom is mine."

  4. I forgot to mention Thomas, whats the chance of some of a few Bon era tunes on the Velocity of Now episode just before the 34th anniversary of his death next month, I really enjoyed the Thin Lizzy episode!


  5. I was only 12 when Bon died, although I had been a fan since I was 10.The past
    15 years I have had my doubts to the "official" story,one reason is why was back in black included on the Bonfire box set?, an album that everyone owns , that supposedly
    was a tribute to Bon, which had "have a drink on me" on it ,which would seem as being in poor taste for a tribute to some one who died from drink? also how could such a great album be recorded from scratch in the span of 2 months with a "new" singer?I feel that Bon wrote much of that album ,but was not credited?I will always be a big fan though they were never the same after his death. Bon scott is a legend,
    right up there with the best!

  6. I was there on Monday 20th August 1979 in the Olympic,just off Camden Street. Angus was in top form absolutely owning the stage, Malcolm,Cliff and Phil were solid but I couldnt take my eyes off Bon. The man exhuded charisma and had a great stage presence. Basicly,I wanted to be him. His jeans were so tight he popped the button and had to have them duct taped at the waist. Seen them again a few years later in the RDS and while they were really brilliant it just wasnt the same without Bon.

  7. Im surprised there hasn't been more talk on the suggestion of Bon's murder, His death is actually highly suspicious, but glossed over in folklore
    People are going to hate this but who would be most to loose if he lived and gain if he died ?.
    Angus, if Bon lived Angus might have been just another guitarist over shadowed by Bon, If Bon left the band and took his talent with him ACDC would of disappear overnight, since Bon died and Angus secretly took his song note book ACDC have run out of all the good stuff

  8. This is for everyone who has posted on the subject previously.
    The official cause of Bon's death was given as 'Acute Alcohol Poisoning' and the coroner also added 'death by Mis-Adventure to the death certificate. No other factors were mentioned, apart from bruising which appeared on his neck (although given Bon's reputation they could simply have been love bites!)
    Alistair Kinnear was acknowledged by a former girlfriend of Bon's as being someone she knew; whether Bon had met him prior to the fateful evening or not is unclear. The name 'Joe King' was also mentioned in the aftermath of Bon's death, which was subsequently attributed to a well known roadie, who may have used it as a pseudonym. Whether Bon met 'Joe' that night remains unclear; as does 'Joe's' true identity.
    Malcolm and Angus have openly stated that the music for what would become Back in Black was already written, and that Bon had drummed on demo's of at least 2 tracks prior to his death. The title 'Rock n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution' had already been coined by Bon, and written on a note pushed through the caretaker of his apartments letterbox in response to a complaint from other residents about Bon's loud stereo. There are several other songs on the album that have Bon's mark and style all over them; You Shook Me..... Have a Drink On Me, even the title track itself. The Young's definitely provided the music, but did Bon supply the words? 2 articles published after Bon died are certainly worth noting, 1 where not long after joining the band, Brian asks the fans to be patient with his appointment and to give him time to bed in, contains very strong indications that he did not have time to write anything prior to recording BIB. The second, an interview with one of Bon's brothers 14 years after BIB openly states that a 'personal arrangement' still exists between the Young's and the Scott's with regard to royalties. Are Bon's family receiving royalties for his un credited work? Possibly / probably? This seems plausible, as despite all the crap that has been written about Malcolm and Angus, they consistently refer to Bon as a brother, and the biggest influence that AC/DC had. Why they didn't just credit him on the album, only they know,(perhaps they thought that if they did, all the royalties would go to Bon's ex wife and not his family). If this was a misguided mistake on the Young's part, Bonfire and Iron Man are two terrific attempts at righting any perceived wrong. Finally, Angus was the focal point of the band before Bon even joined; to suggest that Angus felt overshadowed at any point prior to Bon's death is hardly worth commenting on; anyone who saw the band in their prime remembers Bon and Angus leading the charge together.

  9. Bon Scott's death always was, still remains, and always will be out of place. If he died, it was murder. I remember where, when, and how I heard about his death (on C-fox) as if it had happened only 10 minutes ago. A life threatening blow to Rock and Roll.

    With Bon dying at age 33 yrs, 7 months, 10 days, on 02 19, 1980, being born 07 9 1946, the year of the final paperwork that in 1947 gave life to the illegitimate child nation Israel and its hired gun, the CIA, and Bon having the interesting-to-say-the-least name Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott (check etymology), red flags are flapping. A strong aroma of intelligence operations hangs in the air, for anyone even slightly familiar with their infatuation with certain numbers, biblically related in a debased, literal manner. The circumstances of his death are shady and ill reported, stories change, his reported day of death is often give as the 20th, how/when he's found dead changes with the direction of the wind, his "friend" leaves him in a freezing car to "sleep it off", he's found late the next afternoon or later, the circumstances of his "heavy" drinking that night don't jive with his character, and so much more. Various versions of stories describe the introduction of Brian to the band, the origin of their name, the reason for the outfit, etc.

    When I take in the whole of the stories the press gives, I am led by the facts to the almost unavoidable conclusion that he was strangled, drugged, purposefully deadened with free excessive drinks, or purposefully left in a ridiculous setting to give credence to the "reasons" for his faked death or murder. The ever changing stories regarding the circumstances of his death are classic red flags of intelligence involvement, whether they wanted him out due to his character, due to the intelligence cult's need to fulfill their own inane prophecies, or whatever nefarious money making, commercializing needs they had.

    It's well known that Rock and Roll, Hollywood, Television, Radio, News, arts, and sciences were and continue to be heavily infiltrated, controlled, and completely owned by shadow cult intelligence, throughout the world and notably in the West. Fake deaths of famous people such as rock stars, movie stars, tv stars, politicians, scientists, artists, politicians, high profile "killers", etc, were and remain common, and that these highly manipulated, arranged, and controlled areas of entertainment and communication were used to destabilize, brainwash, manipulate, break apart, and otherwise subjugate the masses to the whims of the creators and owners of the intelligence corporations that were introduced world wide by we know who and why. It's not a secret to anyone with a bit of insight and knowledge.

  10. The number 33 is a massive red flag, a perennial, millennial favourite and highly important, central number to a certain self worshipping clan, one that has a fetish for debasing the bible. Think age/death of Jesus, a symbolic figure that the clannish group strictly associates and promotes with darkness and mayhem.

    The story of Brian Johnson's inclusion in the band is likewise an ever changing story, as is so much regarding the birth of AC/DC, i.e., day/night. Obviously Bon wrote most or all of the Back in Black lyrics, which explains the inclusion of BinB in "Bonfire". Credit in music follows where credit is due. To Bon. As it says. With intelligence, its always plays on words endlessly, always in your face, classic intelligence mode of operandi.

    It's 1980, and Back in Black arrives after/with Bon's death, the black beast arrives, the colour of spring (black is spring because the soil turns black over the winter due to dead foliage addition from the prior fall). Pisces, that fella who drinks like fish, is from Feb 19th until March 20, when spring, the upstart Ram, officially starts and then Bulls his way through April and most of May. Then on Dec 8, 1980 (12 08 1980), the creator of the White Album, John Lennon is murdered, so we have the White beast make its appearance felt (white means winter, when life "sleeps", waiting for spring to arise itself). Of course Lennon's death was absolutely faked as well, an obvious intelligence operation full of the same type of peculiar and obvious red flags that showed up with Bon's "accidental" death.

    So we have two of the four beasts of the coming (at the time) apocalypse due on Sept 11, 2001, the start of the new millennium, the age of Aquarius, the apocalypse, according to Revelation. As the bible points out, the first 4 beasts of the coming 7 that arrive with the coming antichrist of the new age, are the white, black, red, and yellow or bay (yellow, reddish, brown, tan, like aging/dying leaves of fall, reminiscent of the colour of the common, typical bay coloured horse, i.e., beast). So only the red and yellow/bay beast are left to arise somewhere in 1980, to fulfill prophecy. Red means summer, bay means fall, so some thinking and research reveals those beast. With RONALD Reagan's landslide election win that turned the country red with almost 100% of the electoral votes (46/50 states) for red Republicans and Reagan being a recent two term Governor of the Golden State, California, we have the two other beasts, the red beast and the yellow beast, arriving on election day, November 4, 1980 (11 04, 1980).

  11. But then again, there's the block buster series, Stars Wars, The Empire Strikes Back (TESB) against those stars of the Millennium Falcon, the Black Empire with its endless supply of White Knights commanded by Dark Helmut, battling the Force of Goodness with its off-white Millennium ship of hope named after a generally bay coloured (reddish, brownish, tannish, black spotted) bird of prey, the Falcon. Star Wars 2 was released on May 21st, 1980, on the first day of the sign of Gemini, May 21st to June 21st. Gemini is the twins, consistent with Star Wars part 2, TESB. Perhaps Bon's arranged death didn't make the grade and/or was a double shot for the masses, though Bon may have been given a double double, one for the devil in his blood and one for his angelic self.

    At any rate, we have with Star Wars part 2 and Reagan all the four beasts of the cult's bastardization of the bible. Red and Yellow beasts of Reagan, and White and Black with perhaps some Bay Star Wars beasts. For good measure, toss in some Silver Beattle beasts a double double shot of Bon and Back in Black beasts of Rock and Roll.

    Obviously Malcolm and Angus aren't party to the above, nor is anyone in the band. At most they are victims themselves, especially considering that BinB was the mainstream intelligence controlled Atlantic Record Label's 4th AC/DC album.

    Perhaps Bon, with his character and unwillingness to serve the masters of Rock and Roll, the intelligence agencies of the cult (CIA, mafia, MI6, CSIS, British Intelligence, Military Intelligence of the world, Mossad, FBI, RCMP, You name it, etc, etc, they are all one and the same just different arms of the same cult) was removed and replaced. Most likely he didn't fit the mould the shadow government needed, being too down to earth Real. But one never knows with the vast control of western and world societies that the cult has through its utter domination, ownership, and control of arts, sciences, communication, government, and the world economy.

    A lot more could be said of the matter, but let it be said that AC/DC is definitely not a mainstream corporation executive pleasing band, they are the epitome of working class people, classy to the core, hard driving, endlessly hard working, committed to honest performance and unmatched true male inspired rock and roll rhythm and quite simply god's gift to Rock and Roll, despite Rock and Rolls infiltration and take over by intelligence as evidenced by the faked deaths of Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens, and their sky pilot, Roger Peterson, all bastardized bible characters, in an "event" described as the "the day the music died" (i.e., the cult taking over the music industry in its completeness).

    Of our Buddy the Holy One, the same can be said for the likes of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and the "unfortunate son" Peter Best, all of whom were the king, the stars and the apostles for the new millennium. Add to the list those intelligence favourites, the Rolling Stones, sharing the name of the Big Bopper, the wobbling Globe, Elvis the Gyrating Pelvis, and basically, Rock and Roll - the wobbling earth spinning on its platter, the corporate record label, an intelligence tool of the cult.

  12. Whatever happened, Bon is gone, but he left his legend for us to enjoy and revel in forever. There'll never be another Bon, no one wears his shoe size nor ever will. Malcolm (God Rock and Roll himself), Angus (Rock and Roll God's second coming), Bon (God Rock and Roll's Voice), Phil now Chris (The Drum Beats of Rock and Roll), Cliff and Mark (Bases of the God of Rock and Roll), and Brian (Keeper of the Voice of Rock and Roll) guard the passage way to the rock god's hall of fame, to hell with boybands, hairbands, dancebands, gaybands, prettybands, makeupbands, wannabebands, and all the other SHIT bands that they preach to the pretty boys and little girls in mainstream music school.

    AC/DC, the "bad" boys of Rock and Roll who never caved in to the label master's infiltration and attempted damnation of Rock and Roll. AC/DC just kept on Rocking Rolling for the sake and goodness of Rock and Roll and the benefit of its fans and those that recognize the true God and Protector of Rock and Roll, AC/DC. Many have tried and many have fallen at their feet, and none shall reach their glory under the face of the Lord of Rock and Roll - Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Two working as One. Thank you Malcolm, thank you Angus, We salute you and your Parents, as well as our own Creators. Thank You Bon Master, thank you Phil, Cliff, Mark, Chris, and not nearly least, thank you Brian, Eight working as One for All. Your place fills up the stars and shines the way for the others who venture beyond the fallen ones at your feet. None shall rise higher.

    The mainstream with its propaganda channels of Hollywood, magazines, news, tv, shows, news papers, and all other forms of entertainment and communication did their best to pull AC/DC down to the level of the prancing Jagger led Stones and the pretty boy band Beattles, but Malcolm, Angus, Bon and the boys put the finger to them, to keep and protect the empowering rhythm of Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll Is hard driving guitar Rhythm. AC/DC is Rock and Roll. AC/DC with Bon brought Rock and Roll heaven down to earth. Malcolm with Angus, Brian and the boys keep it grounded there, establishment be damned.

  13. With all the obvious shenanigans going on, a cover up is obvious. From the lyrics and song titles, a rift between the band itself and management is evident. Bon especially was an independent spirit. A number of scenarios are possible, but come in two main parts: Bon's death is fake, or Bon's death is a murder.

    The release of BonFire favours the first scenario as the album is a tribute to Bon, meaning he had died shortly before the box set's release. It always the case that record companies release material when a successful band or musician dies/retires. So Bon, a man who liked the good life, made it to about 61 years old. With Bon's hard drinking lifestyle, probably drug use as well, he's not one that would live an average male's life span of 75 years or so.

    Bon had a very strong personality, along with Malcolm and Angus, so he would have put up a strong fight to remain in the band after HTH. He wasn't going to be retiring, though management likely wanted a more controllable, less charismatic front man for AC/DC. Johnson was no doubt in the plans months/years before 1980, perhaps even chosen by Bon. Only a forced arranged death would have taken Bon out, so that leads to the murder possibility.

    Bon may have also gong along with his ouster if he was given a big incentive, such as continuing royalties. If that wasn't arrange, then Bon was murdered. It'd have been a simple job either way. If murder, then Bon was set up to have a lot of drinks that night (offered free, no doubt), then went home shortly afterwards, likely drugged as well, left unconscious outdoors in the freezing cold, then dying due to exposure and perhaps with the added help of some hands around the neck, though he may also have been killed by this method indoors and then placed out in the car for a cover story. His late discovery suggests that he died or "died" indoors and the car story was a cover story. It has all the hallmarks and sounds of being one.

    If Bon's death was just faked so as to give a good reason for the change in singers, then Bon was either okay with that or wasn't okay. Either way, he was a rocker, a problem child, a night prowler, kicked in the teeth, shot down in flames, a sin city sinner, gone shooting, highway to hell'er, etc, so he would have of course continued a similar lifestyle after 1980, consistent with his likely actual death in 2007, as indicated by the release of BonFire. There had to be some kind of large incentive given to Bon for him to vanish from the public rock scene after Feb 1980. It's either murder or a well rewarded faked death.

    I don't know enough of the cirumstancial details of Bon's "death", but a person with more knowledge would certainly be able to conclude whether Bon's death was murder or a faked death. Either way, as Bon said, we've all been took, sold second hand, but that's how it goes in HollyMusicWoodLand, where successful, mainstream musicians' careers are 100% controlled by the record label masters. It's been 100% that way with every successful musician and band since "the day the music died", when the deaths of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper, and Roger Peterson's (the "sky" pilot) deaths were faked. It was the apocalypse for the music industry that brought about the new age of music - Rock and Roll they called it.

    Peace Bon, you were the best. Amazing. Part of the true fan's AC/DC.

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  15. According to a story I read a while back, Bon only had a few quiet drinks with some friends that night and then left to go home early. But a book I just read says that he then went to score some heroin with Phil Mogg and then went out to a club and met this Alitstair Kinnear. All of the stories are inconsistent, the problem with this one is that Heroin addicts don't usually feel the need to drink when they are high and it is also pretty much exactly the same as the Jim Morrison myth.

  16. I read awhile back he survived the incident that is called "his death" and was mentally ill because of the lack of oxygen to his brain. An intern at a mental hospital in Australia around i think it said like 2006 (i cant remember its been a good year since i read the article) there was an old mentally ill man with tats similar to bons. Saying he way was bon scott!! Everyone in the hospital said hes been there for years longer than most employees. Nobody knew his real name and or didnt want people knowing his real name. There was no real records on him either. And when i mean mentally ill. I mean wheelchair, can barely talk, etc etc

  17. Ronald Bon Scott died in the morning hour 19.2.1980 not 18.2. no death time !!!, died in or out the car ? lying on the frontseat or backseat ? Kicked in the teeth again - his dental plate lying on the ground the cheap car renault r 5 ( 2 or 4 doors ) not transam or cadillac ; who is the guy leslie loads and joe king ? ashley court 15 ransacked and stolen lyrics maps, fotomaps, musicinstruments , vinyl , diktaphon , clothes his complete live out , all coincidence ? kinner a friend ? stupid faggot , silver smith a friend ? drug pussy on the telephone she organized and supervizer his last night ...and was the first person in hospital with joe and identified RBS Loved and Remembered Every Day