Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Female Psychopath Daniela Poggiali

Meet the delightful and no doubt soon to be declared 'unwell woman in need of love and support', Daniela Poggiali, a 42-year-old nurse suspected of killing as many as thirty eight of her patients because...wait for it...she found them or their relatives annoying, according to the Northern Italian police report. Clearly she has a life philosophy of going from A to Z and skipping all the letters in between.

The delicately masculine featured Daniela Poggiali, was taken into custody last Sunday in Lugo, after a 78-year-old patient died while being treated for a routine illness. Tests showed the deceased had high amounts of potassium in her body, in order to provoke cardiac arrest, stated a report in Central European News.

Police soon expanded their investigation to include thirty eight patient deaths. Chief prosecutor Alessandro Mancini told the newspaper Corriere Della Sera that the nurse seemed "unperturbed" when she was arrested. Other media reports cited a co-worker as describing Poggiali as a "cold person but always eager to work."

Awesome! She is into Peace. Clearly a Wonderful Testosterone-Filled Lady.



  1. ''Daniela Poggiali will be let off all murder charges on the technicality of 'being a woman'.'' King Scribe

  2. a classic Psychopathic Les Bone she looks totally CRAZY

  3. Drat...she was a NURSE? That will give the psychopaths a bad reputation.

  4. And Myra Hindley?
    Was she let of for "being a woman"?

  5. Don't forget Karen Walsh - killed her victim with a crucifix.

  6. My sister married a psychopath. The way he transformed her into an emotionless (unless its for herself) and totally self obsessed zombie is terrifying. He transformed her, over a forty year period, from a sensitive caring person into what she is now.

    My sister broke my mother's heart. My mum would be in floods of tears whilst my sister calmly sat reading a book, completely oblivious to my mother's distress. Whilst my Mum was in hospital my sister wanted payment for the petrol and time she spent visiting my mum in hospital!!!! Mum had to pay her £360 out of her meager standard old age pension! Otherwise she wouldn't have seen her daughter. My sister isn't poor, far from it. We were beyond shocked.

    Whenever we confronted my sister about her inhuman behavior she would switch on the tears and claim we were upsetting her and further claim she didn't understand. My mum sat for hours trying to explain to my sister but to no avail. My sister would repeat over and over and over that she didn't understand! She was puzzled that my mum was upsetting her. My mum said "You must understand otherwise you wouldn't be upset!" At that point my sister would change tack and would say "You are making me feel awkward!" Again she would repeat the same over and over again!

    After my Mum died, my sister went on to try and embezzle my father out of his savings. She could see nothing wrong with such behavior. My dad subsequently disowned her. She now reinvents the past, has selective amnesia and blames me for everything.

    Whilst my sister created emotional upheaval in my family, my sister's husband would stand in the corner with a smug grin on his face. He is pure evil. My Mum called him, (not to his face) the reincarnation of the devil.His family were so weird, they made the Adams Family look normal! His father was a Freemason and his mother was obsessed with snobbery. They acted as if they were hiding something that had happened in the family. They lived like paupers but acted like royalty!

    I hasten to add I have not had any contact with my sister and her husband since 2008. Apparently my sister is mystified why I want nothing to do with her and believes I've gone a bit strange. Psychopaths are obsessed with mental illness. Anyone that tries to resist their influence is instantly labeled as "insane."

    Both her and her husband are genius at reversing the onus. I have recently heard my sister and her husband work as police volunteer civilians. They operate speed tax cameras! I don't know how anyone with a conscience could operate a speed tax camera. I guess it gives their warped mind a high

    The power of psychopaths have no boundaries. It's true what Thomas says, they continuously reinvent themselves. I've found psychopaths cause the trouble but distance themselves from what they have caused, as if its nothing to do with them. Politicians do it all the time.