Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Mi5 Back in the Engineered Hysteria Game Again?

One of the reasons I believe the Hollie Greig story is a hoax (apart from zero evidence based on an unsworn statement) is because it happened at a time when people in the Alternative Media were looking into the Dunblane genuine horror and asking difficult questions the mainstream media were not asking. So a distraction had to be created.

I think the Hampstead story is being used to distract from something else we were getting close to, and Mi5 had to create some new bright lights of 'Satanic Sparklers' and "Paedophile Sprinkles' in order to move highly excitable and hysterical types' attention away from something very real and dangerous to the establishment.
  • Same list of characters involved in both cases. 
  • Same wild hysteria and same reaction from the Alternative Media. 
  • Again, a mother with questionable behaviour being held up as some kind of sainted martyr. A woman who disgustingly put her own young children on camera for the world to see regardless of the horrific repercussions for them later on in terms of school-bullying and so forth.
  • Most depressing of all; people who have been found guilty of no crimes having their lives ruined after being 'outed' as "Satanic Paedophiles in'nt". 

Do you recall the main 'evidence' claiming that Hollie Greig was telling the truth..."that people with Downs Syndrome do not lie".

What absolute rubbish.

What are they using as 'evidence' in the Hampstead case?..."kids do not make up stories like this about sex abuse".

Kids will say anything they are told to say for a reward.


If I was to make a guess as to why the intelligence services created this latest Satanic Abuse False Flag, it would be to distract from the list of MPs and the sex parties which came to light in late 2014. The story went mainstream and the establishment were clearly very, very worried. They had to create another hysteria-infused distraction.

Suddenly, the Alternative Media have forgotten all about the case involving the MPs' sex parties and possible murder of a young boy by an MP - which appears to be a real scandal - as they are now looking wildly for non-existent 'Satanic Paedo Rings in Hampstead'. There is the same round of nasty in-fighting in the Alternative Movement with the 'true believers' calling out anyone who doubts the Hampstead case as being 'paedos' themselves. Same sickness and divisions like last time.

The establishment got caught with their proverbial knickers down with the Profumo Affair in the 1960s. Since then, Mi5 has been active in creating distractions so it never happens again. The Satanic Panic of the 1980s was to deflect from Cyril Smith and his boy-raping friends. In 2015, they have done it again with the Hampstead case.


I have been 100% vindicated in my theory surrounding this case the morning following the above broadcast. Kids were lying and retracted the 'Satanic Embellishments', there was 'neglect' of the kids, new love and jealousy involved and a mother out of control.
Groomers in the video in deep shit.


  1. Thomas check this out.

    Peter Sutcliffe was a copy-cat killer, responsible for only four of the thirteen murders which he ‘confessed’ to. He had been eliminated twelve times by the police because he was blood group O. The Yorkshire Ripper was known to be blood group B.

    1. This came out 35 years ago in David Yallop's book on the case while he was an embedded journalist in the South Yorkshire Police.

      and Jimmy Savile's blood was...

  2. New-ish to Thomas's work here... just curious how one gets approval to participate at the Facebook community? Far as I know I'm not a psychopath, but I am (unfortunately perhaps) an American who recently discovered that the shameful, un-talked-about branch of my family tree traces back to Irish slavery in the American colonies. As a result I'm quite interested in the Irish mythic stuff Thomas talks about and the consequences of this handed down to me epigenetically. Just looking to learn what I can from reliable sources.

    Thanks much.

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