Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Celebrity Deaths = Death of Celebrity

My theory surrounding all these celeb deaths in 2016 is that we are reaching a time in human development when celebrities have no power anymore. There is no magic in being a star these days compared to in the past. So they are ending up like woolly mammoths and becoming extinct. Their magic cycle has ended.

Look at the sheer numbers, and intensity of the celebs who came out to support Hillary Clinton - she had virtually the entire global entertainment industry behind her - and she still lost to Trump in a crushing, humiliating defeat. The stars who were crying when she lost, were, in actuality, mourning their own extinction.

The writing has been on the wall for a long time. Firstly, it was with shows like Big Brother, and then social media making everyone less obscure. The power of the classic Hollywood-style celeb stars is over. They have served their function. New archetypes are required for a new age.

This is why they are all dying regardless of age, gender and health in seemingly high numbers in recent times. The 27 Club has widened its range. There will more and more celebrity slaughters in the coming years. Many will be shocking and surprising. Many suicides. Murders too. Evolution of the psyche is unavoidable.

Get used to a world were being a "luminary" means being in a box in the ground more than being on the stage or screen.

Eventually, every man and woman becomes a star.


  1. Well Thomas sometimes I very much ponder over what you say, but not this time. You have a unique and clear way of looking at things and this is a great article. Happy Gregorian New Year ��

  2. All the very best Thomas, much resonance of late :)

  3. It is the amount of influential people, like Muhammad Ali and Bowie that surprised me. I had a theory that it was some kind of payoff for a mass awakening, humanity had to pay a most to the grand reaper for the magic. That costs was the mass of artists who died. Yes, the celebrities are losing power.

  4. Personally I've never understood why people go crazy for celebrities. They are just people and a good chunk are not good people.

  5. Also, with reality tv shows, anyone can become a 'celebrity'. The more 'celebrities' are created the more 'celebrity' deaths there will be.

  6. It would appear that the glam of celebrity has been lifted for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The result of natural forces of convergence and dissolution that manifest themselves towards the end of an age or aeon, perhaps. Or, something else entirely unexpected.

    non omne quod nitet aurum est


  7. As goes mainstream media, so goes mainstream celebrity...

  8. Imagine celebs trying to drive war bonds these days? No flowers, just stones.

  9. Imagine celebs driving war bonds these days? No flowers, just stones.